Ship Agency :

 Antares & Polaris provides standard ship agency services with a wide range of additional services covering all ports in Egypt


  • Canal Transit:

Antares has comprehensive understanding and experience of the Suez Canal Rules and is fully conscious of the recent updates to the current circulars and offers a variety of essential transportation facilities for all types of vessels.


  • Port Call:

Extensive knowledge and experience of all cargo activities, Daily Vessel Updates. Accurate accounting systems and safe handling of your crew to ensure people's welfare.


  • Protecting Agency:

Checking preform a D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs

Receipt of owners’ funds and payment to head agents, Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required, checking cargo documents/SOF/ time sheets for correctness, notifying owner if not, and issuing letters of protest Signing Bills of Lading


  • Husbandry Services:

Crew Change

Cash to Master

Spares clearance and delivery

Provisions and fresh water supply

Inward / outward clearance of ships

Liaison with local authorities and communications assistance

Comprehensive support for dry-docking and repair supervision

Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors etc.